This has been an amazing week so far as we see how God has worked in the lives of the guatemalans we worked with and in my life as well ! words cannot describe what is happenning here. Los lotes is a very remote village where they basically live off the land what an eye opener! we have had some set backs with vehicles breaking down but we have some handy people here at the base to get us up and running again for tomorrow. we are hoping to reach another village tomorrow for a med clinic. keep the village of los lotes and our team in prayer for the work of the lord to be done.


Well, Micah, not even in Bozeman have I seen such rough roads…unreal! And so much dust! But God is definitely at work here in Guatemala!! The look in the eyes of the young mother of “our family” as the Gospel was shared was so precious. She was SO ready and intent. It’s hard to put into words. She and her husband both prayed to receive Christ’s gift of salvation. Come to find out, the father of our family had asked God for a roof and a bed. God answered by giving both the roof and the bed…and a house. :) It was a beautiful, albeit long, day…sharing the Gospel at each of the six houses that had been built by our team over the previous two days. Many salvations. Much gratefulness. More and more tears. Totally surrounded by prayer…literally. ~Jody Anderson

What an amazing trip, i have never been so worn out and yet so excited to see how God works. To build 6 houses in 2 days is unreal. We framed, dry walled, put cement board on and taped dry wall the first day.The next day we painted inside, put on the roof and painted scripture verses on the walls, also the outside was stuccoed. On day 3 the whole team went to each house for a dedication time and much prayer over the house and family. Also many gifts where given to each family and a pastor gave each family a chance to receive Christ as personal Savior. To get personal “Hi, Beautiful.” ~Larry Oechsle

We are having an amazing time and seeing God work every day. Our days at LosLotes were hot, dirty and VERY uplifting. We built 6 houses for 6 very different families, most of whom were eager to receive Jesus as their Savior on dedication day. Yesterday we arrived at the base and spent a quiet evening. Today we were supposed to go to a village to do a medical clinic, but one of the vans broke down half way there (almost 2 hours into the drive) and we were forced to pile everyone into the other vans and return to the base. Praying that the vans are all ready to go in the morning so that we can go to a village tomorrow. On Monday we will have our “free” day in Antigua before going home on Tuesday.